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We understand that painting your home is a big decision. We specialize in making this one of the easiest and most satisfying home decisions you can make. We are not satisfied until your expectations have been blown away. We provide free written estimates and take pride in completing your project on time and on budget.


The beautification of your home is our top priority and our attention to detail is how we continue to exceed our customers' expectations. We will discuss your budget and needs and provide you our recommendations and be there every step of the way to the completion of your project.

  • Interior Painting
  • Crown Molding Installation, Repair and Paint
  • Interior Trim Installation, Repair and Paint
  • Custom Textures
  • Windows
  • Stain Application


We believe the key to a professional painting job is the preparation of your surfaces before application. We pressure wash and trench the house, scrape and sand any peeling paint and wood surfaces where needed, then caulk and patch all necessary areas. We then apply primer and paint your surfaces with the best products suitable for your home and climate.

  • Preparation and Application of Paint
  • Repair and Painting of Tex Coating
  • Elasto-Meric Coatings
  • Pressure Washing
  • Water Blasting
  • Painting of Exterior Doors
  • Stucco Repair and Paint
  • Wood Replacement and Repair
  • Termite and Dryrot Removal
  • Siding installation and Repair
  • Decorative Foam Molding installation and Repair
  • Restoration of Historic Properties
  • Demolition of Exterior Structures


We understand your first priority is tending to your tenants needs and finding reliable contractors to assist you with the maintenance of your property can be difficult. That's why Edwards Painting Co. is your best solution to all your maintenance needs, we arrive prepared, on time and in uniform. We communicate with your tenants and protect the areas surrounding our work.


  • Step 1 : Contact Us (714) 225-5925
  • Step 2 : Schedule an Appointment
  • Step 3 : The owner, Jared Edwards will meet with you to discuss your project needs.
  • Step 4 : We will email you a written proposal for your review and approval.
  • Step 5 : Send us your signed proposal and deposit and we will contact you to schedule your start date. It's that easy, we stand above the rest by providing quality work with integrity and professionalism.

Commercial Painter

Here at Edwards Painting Co., we understand the importance of a good first impression, and we believe the best first impressions start with a fresh coat of paint. It’s like the cover of a book––the first thing anyone notices.

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Decorative Painting

Dull walls got you down in the dumps? Don’t despair. Our decorative painting services will give them new life. Nothing makes your walls come alive like decorative painting. It’s the smart, elegant choice to add a touch of personality to any room.

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Exterior Brick Painting

Brick houses are elegant, beautiful, and charming. There’s nothing more classic than a brick house, but a fresh coat of paint is the perfect upgrade to a classic look. Exterior brick painting is a popular way to change the look of a brick house and give it some unique flair.

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Exterior Painter

The exterior of your house is the face you present to the world. You should be proud of it. Chipped, faded, or peeling paint is unappealing and embarrassing. It’s time you gave your house the treatment it deserves.

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House Painter

Your house isn’t just a building; it’s your home. It’s where you go after a long day. It’s where you gather with loved ones. Your home represents your personality, values, and tastes. A beautiful home is reflected through well-maintained walls and exteriors.

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Industrial Painting Contractor

Is your warehouse looking worse for wear? Has your factory lost its X-factor? Don’t worry, Edwards Painting Co. is here to fulfill all your industrial painting needs. We’re a highly skilled team of professionals with the expertise, work ethic, and know-how to give you the quality work you deserve.

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Interior Painter

If your walls could talk, they might say “paint me”. A beautiful home is nothing without beautifully painted walls. They’re the very foundation of your decor scheme. Chipped paint or the wrong colors can really bring down the quality of your house.

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Painting Contractor

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint. New paint looks nice, clean, and neat. It’s an instant makeover for any building. At Edwards Painting Co. we know how important it is to keep your property looking great. Paint is a great way to do that.

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Residential Painter

So, you’re looking to give your home a new look, but you’re not sure how to do it. Everyone knows remodelling or refurnishing a home is expensive and difficult. For some, it’s impossible. But don’t despair.

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Spray-Applied Exterior Painting

What you want: a facelift for your home’s exterior. What you don’t want: an outrageous cost. Luckily, there’s Edwards Painting Co.. We have the perfect solution for all your exterior painting needs, at a fraction of the price. We’re talking about spray paint––and not the kind used by vandals.

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